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Technical Planning

System developments must be planned, even the most pragmatic and timely developments. We provide you with a detailed and workable technical development plan for your project. And, if necessary, the training to use it. We can even monitor status for you, updating the schedules as necessary.

Design Reviews - Red Team Reviews

Industry research shows technical errors found by product users cost about 500 times as much as the same errors found during requirements definition. So interim technical reviews are essential to any system development process.

Small groups, while very efficient, often miss their total goals because of an inward, self-supporting view. Whether the result is a written proposal or an amortized product, critical outside review makes it stronger.

We can assist you by providing an independent view during your design reviews. Our people have participated in dozens of critical reviews, on highly varied products. They quickly understand your product and its requirements. They offer constructive improvements. Your developers have the choice what to change and move forward with more confidence. In a single day, your offering is stronger and more effective in reaching its market. Honourcode can either participate in or lead almost any type of technical review or Red Team.

Risk Management

Every system development has risk, and the best managers know and track the risks. We assess and track risks in your development using highly effective INCOSE methods. We appraise each risk in both likelihood and potential impact. You choose the frequency of the risk assessments - whether biweekly, monthly, or quarterly - and we maintain the information. Your development team can concentrate on solving the top few risks rather than every worry that crosses
their path.

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