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Process Improvement

Systems development is not new; ancient Romans used multi-discipline system thinking to create their cities and infrastructure. However, many process improvements available today make better systems, faster. Your competitors learn these new processes, and they reach the market before you.

We are in the forefront of systems development improvements through our INCOSE leadership. You get access to the best known processes, tailored to your development business. We can assist your process improvement through:

• Problem Identification - helping you to identify the root cause of your observed problems.
• Competitive Process Assessment - using industry-accepted assessment models to provide objective evaluations.
• Improvement Action Teams - goal-oriented focus groups to implement rapid changes.
• Process Training - courses in best-known processes, or processes tailored to your business.

Team Issues

Today‘s products and systems are being developed by larger and larger teams. Many times, those teams are widely dispersed and from different company cultures. We offer assistance in developing solid teams that can get the job done.

• Teambuilding Sessions - group leadership to meld team players in structured problem-solving sessions. Teambuilding sessions can be done at the beginning of a project and should be repeated at intervals to combat natural divergence.
• Team Planning - assisting you to develop a collaborative culture from the outset, defining the specific actions and communications necessary to an effective diverse team.
• Problem Analysis - proven analytic techniques to identify root causes and to develop solutions the team will use.

Technical Development

We can help your team to advance its technical work in many ways.

• Requirements definition - working with customers and domain experts to develop the desired specifications for your product.
• Architectures - creating alternative architectures to meet requirements, with sufficient technical detail to support evaluation and analysis; working with discipline experts to ensure that the architectures are viable.
• Technical analysis - highly varied analyses to support technical decision-making. We have experience in analysis of system operations, system performance, interfacing compatibility, statistical evaluation, program timelines, risk, and more. Engineering disciplines include systems, electronics, software, environmental, oceanography, traffic, and more.

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