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Effective, Pragmatic Methods

We address your issues with proven methods recognized in current standards such as EIA-632, tempered with a practical approach that keeps the goal in sight. We help you to assess your current approaches to each system process, then work with you to decide which processes are most critical to your success.

Processes Used to Engineer a System
Acquisition and Supply

Supply Process
Acquisition Process

Technical Management Planning
System Design Requirements Definition
Solution Definition
Product Realization Implementation
Transition to Use
Technical Support

Systems Analysis
Requirements Validation
Product Verification
Product Validation

Success Measures

Each organization and project measures success uniquely, and the measure changes with time. We help you to identify - not just useable technical requirements - but the true Objective Function that you use to measure your success. Typical Objective Functions are a combination of

Financial measures (profit, ROI),
Customer satisfaction measures (market share, demand),
Technical quality measures (performance, reliability),
Human resources measures (retention, work satisfaction)

Many of these are intangible and hard to quantify - but your success depends on applying exactly these measures to every decision you make.

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