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What Is A System?

A system is any group of elements that performs an overall set of functions.

We work with systems whose elements are organizations, processes, equipment, software, or literally anything else. Systems development requires consideration of conflicting requirements in multiple disciplines to design all the elements and their interfaces.

What Do We Know?

Our expertise is systems development. Our people have led developments ranging in complexity from a few man-weeks to hundreds of man-years. They have proven success by satisfied customers, profitable products, and rapid career growth. To develop complex systems, each person typically understands an incredibly wide variety of disciplines:

• Human Factors
• Electrical Engineering
• Organizational Psychology
• Software
• Systems Engineering
• Economic Systems
• Environmental Engineering

• Reliability, Maintainability
• Safety
• Security
• Transportation
• Medical Systems
• Mechanical Structures

...and more

Our staff includes leaders of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), a professional organization improving systems development methods through inter-company cooperation.


Because we work with systems in general, we have applied our knowledge and methods to many areas - like yours.

• Aircraft
• Education
• Automotive
• Golf Management
• Packaging Industries
• Electronic Intelligence

• Ships
• Transportation Control
• Heating and Air Conditioning Control
• Air Combat Training
• Publishing
• Power Plant Control

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