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Technical Management Using Analytic Evaluation
Today‘s Collaborative Teams Require More Complete Methods.

Developing today’s complex products and systems requires the varied expertise of dispersed, collaborative teams. Such teams face new challenges in technical management. Teams need new technical management methods that can effectively move them forward toward their goals.

Increasingly, companies are becoming aware that an exclusive emphasis on process is no longer sufficient. Many teams using the best processes still fail to meet their goals. Successful teams meet today‘s challenges by a broader focus on:

People - the cohesion and effectiveness of the combined “team of teams” that must work together to create the product system.
Processes - the methods used by those people, with particular focus on the specific processes that facilitate dispersed, collaborative teams, and.
Technology - the effective application of the right technologies to the product systems and to the development tools.

Such a broader focus cannot be achieved, however, just by expanding what you consider and track. If you expand your process emphasis to people and technology areas, team management would founder in the morass of tracking data.

Teams need simple yet effective tools like:

What makes a team work - The importance of team cohesion, and the factors that you can use to foster cohesion.
How dispersed teams communicate effectively - The ways in which people communicate, and how those can be enhanced for geographically-dispersed teams.
Which processes work - When a “team of teams” performs work in different locations, changes you must make to standard processes to enhance success.
How to apply the right technology - Methods for choosing the right technologies to apply, and ways to get people to accept them.
What to emphasize Now - A risk-based analytic method to evaluate your team’s progress across all required areas, simple enough to be used biweekly, detailed enough to tell you what needs increased emphasis.

Essay date 28 Apr 02