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Collaborative Environments
For Today‘s Multi-Company Teams

This presentation summarizes the challenges and solutions available for collaborative work environments between companies. It discusses the changing needs of today’s multi-company teams, then explores the types of intra-team communications necessary to technical development. Finally, the presentation summarizes the classes of tools available today, with examples of each, highlighting the benefits and difficulties of using them across companies.

When presented live, Mr. Honour animates the 45-minute talk with real-life examples of successes and failures that make clear the challenge facing teams today.

This presentation was first given to the INCOSE Washington Metropolitan Area chapter on 1/12/99. An updated presentation was made twice at the INCOSE International Workshop 99 in Mesa, Arizona on 1/26/99 and has since been updated and presented many times to professional groups. Mr. Honour can tailor and present this material to your group on request.

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