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Eric Honour and Jim Jenkins announced the merger of Honourcode with Applied Technology Institute. Eric Honour will continue as the Technical Director of the Systems Engineering courses for ATI. Eric and all the previous Systems Engineering instructors will continue teaching both open and onsite classes with ATI handling the logistics and contracting.

This site will be under construction.

Contact ATI at or 410-956-8805 for more information.

More Information

Who Are We?

Honourcode, Inc. offers experience in solving technical management problems, with an unparallelled breadth of knowledge that can immediately apply to your problems. We have been providing engineering services and products since 1989 to organizations like yours:

• Courses in System Engineering and Management
• Process Improvement & Training
• Systems Development Assistance
• Software Products

Our technical staff averages over 25 years of experience in systems problems. They have been hand-selected based on their ability to rapidly understand and solve problems. They are backed up by clerical staff to provide efficient, cost-effective services.

...a small company

We do not compete with our customers. We provide a service you can use, without concern about technology transfer.

...a discreet company

Our business requires managing our customers‘ proprietary information. We do not reveal your competitor’s data to you, nor yours to them.

...breadth of knowledge

Whatever your system, we can communicate with your development team.

...rapid understanding

We help you from the first hour.

Contacting Us

Voice phone: +1 (615) 614-1109
Fax phone: +1 (850) 895-3077


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