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Effective Courses in Engineering Methods

Are you concerned about your company’s engineering processes?
What about your own personal knowledge?

Upcoming courses in systems engineering topics can provide immediate improvement in your personal knowledge. Arrange our private courses, tailored to your company’s needs, and you can also improve your company capabilities.

NEW Virtual Courses

Take your course while sitting at your own computer, with live instruction!

We are now starting to sponsor a few virtual courses, to give you a chance to save travel costs while still getting the same great instruction. Check out the schedules for virtual dates!

NEW Courses

Watch soon for open enrollment dates for these NEW courses. They are already scheduled for private delivery, and your organization can also schedule them for your people!

  • Applied Test & Evaluation - 3 days - Click here
  • System Architecting with SysML - 3 days - Click here

Open Enrollment Courses

  • Applied Systems Engineering - 4 days - Click here
  • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering - 2 days - Click here
  • Principles of Test & Evaluation - 2 days - Click here

What Is This Thing?

Recent Honourcode students have practiced advanced methods in creating complex, interoperable systems by using LEGO® Mindstorms robotic sets. This robot is one of four different machines that worked together to transport balls across a track. Students created this robot in only 4.5 hours of class time! See the robot System Challenge for information. Click Here to see or download pictures from a specific class.



Honourcode supports research into better systems engineering methods through both funded and volunteer efforts. Our current funded effort is the Systems Engineering Return On Investment (SE-ROI) project. In the SysTest project, we contributed to an understanding of system-level Verification, Validation, and Testing. In the Value of Systems Engineering project, we developed quantified measures of the effect of systems engineering on project success. Honourcode President Eric Honour was the founding Director of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Center of Excellence (SECOE).

Process Assessment & Improvement

How well do you measure up?
Is your engineering development as cost effective as it should be?

We can help you to assess your processes quickly and at a reasonable cost, pinpoint areas for improvement, then help you plan how to improve. Process assessments don’t have to be a $200K investment! For one tenth the cost, you can know what needs to be done. When coupled with our courses, you can be well on the way to better quality and less cost in your complex product development.Click Here to find out about Honourcode process improvement.

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